Last UPDATED: August 5, 2020


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First, thank you for your dedication to providing the best possible care to our patients, our communities, and to each other.

The most updated, current information on AccentCare’s plan to address the coronavirus pandemic is contained in the frequent AccentCare emails to you from leadership, and on the ACT app.

This FAQ page will be updated regularly to include the most relevant list of frequently asked questions. Links to past communications and other resources will be added as necessary.


How will COVID -19 information and updates be communicated to AccentCare employees?

AccentCare management will share information with employees through a variety of communication methods: Email updates, ACT app, text messages (for our PCS care partners), – our company’s website, All Hands Calls, videos, and other means as determined by leadership.   

Clinical/patient-facing employees will receive additional information regarding clinical protocols and patient care updates through the Clinical & Operations teams directly.


If an employee is showing COVID-19 symptoms should the employee report to work?

No, employees showing symptoms of COVID-19 should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.  An employee who is diagnosed with COVID-19 will be required to have a doctor’s release before they are allowed to return to work.


If an employee has a potentially contagious illness (e.g., stomach virus, fever, vomiting, etc.) should the employee report to work?

Employees showing any signs of serious or contagious illness should not report to work to ensure they do not exposure co-workers to their illness.


Will employees who have an illness that could be contagious be allowed to work from home?

An employee may be allowed to work from home if:  (1) they are in a role/position that is able to work from home;  (2)  they have received manager approval to work from home;  and (3) if they are under a physician’s care, they are released to work from home.

Please consult your manager or HR to determine if your position is work from home eligible in case of illness.


If an employee has an illness and stays home (working or not working) will they need a doctor’s note to return to work?

It is Company standard policy that if an employee is out of the office due to illness for more than three working days or is under a physician’s care, then the employee must have a doctor’s release before they may return to work.


If an AccentCare employee has a confirmed or presumed exposure to COVID-19 what should they do?

Employees who have been, or may have been, exposed to COVID-19 should contact their manager or HR Business Partner immediately.


Are there any limitations to travel under the Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP)?

At this time, AC leadership is putting a hold on all non-essential travel until further notice.  Employees who travel should discuss with their manager if the travel is essential, or not.   If you travel to an area identified as a level 1,2 or 3 zones by the CDC,  AccentCare as created a policy to further protect our patients and each other.  Please review March 12, ACTion Required: New COVID-19 Disease Response, Management & Employee Matters Policy 


Is AccentCare screening patients for COVID-19?

During the intake process, AccentCare assesses a patient’s symptoms and conditions. In response to COVID-19, and as recommended by the CDC and World Health Organization, we have proactively integrated travel questions into our electronic medical record system, Homecare Homebase, and into the welcome call patients receive during the intake process. If you have additional questions, please contact your direct supervisor.


What should I do if my patient has been exposed to COVID-19 and has symptoms?

If, during a patient visit, you determine someone in the house or residence (patient, caregiver, or family member) has presumed exposure and exhibits signs and symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing):

  • Put on your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Call and report your situation to your Executive Director
  • Your Executive Director will give instructions on next steps and activate the reporting up response/call tree.


What about PPE?

Your RDO, VP/GM, and ED are coordinating with the VP, Clinical Operations to allocate PPE appropriately, according to CDC recommendations.


Where can I find AccentCare’s latest policies and procedures for COVID-19?

Please navigate to The Pulse, AccentCare’s intranet homepage.  The VNAA Policy is located on The Pulse. 

Can I talk to anyone outside of AccentCare if we have a patient that may have coronavirus?

No.  It’s always our responsibility to protect our patients’ privacy, including not accessing patient information unless needed to do our job.  This also means that you should not discuss or share patient information, especially on social media even if you think it’s de-identified.  Please visit The Pulse for our HIPAA policy for more details.


If I have any questions, who can I reach out to?

As always, your manager is the first, best resource for the most current information.   You can also direct questions to our emergency preparedness team by sending an email to:


Where can I find an archive of AccentCare’s COVID Organizational Announcements?

All of the AccentCare COVID Orgnazationa announcements from eh state of the pandemic until May are archived here:  Link to AccentCare Organizational Announcements 




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