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Accentcare and our COVID Response

Slowing the spread of COVID-19, while maintaining continuous, high-quality care for our patients requires scale, scope, and expertise. That’s how AccentCare leaned-in to the COVID-19 challenge. It also how AccentCare is transforming care for the months and years to come.  And most importantly:  Keeping You Safe.

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With over 50,000 patients across 30 states, AccentCare responded quickly to the challenges presented by COVID-19 to ensure timely and safe care delivery for our patients. Some of these actions included: early and decisive action to obtain PPE, stand-up of a Dallas-based central distribution system, establishing an executive command center, creating a virtual case conference operating procedure, and most importantly, a detailed COVID-19 patient care protocol:

The AccentCare COVID-19 Patient Care Protocol includes:

  • Ensuring that caregivers enter the home with proper precautions, three levels of screenings and attestations occur before each home visit, collecting relevant information about travel, potential local exposure, and symptoms.
  • Caregivers execute a strict PPE utilization protocol based on the case specifics.
  • All caregivers are required to perform and document a self-symptom check before visiting patients.
  • All reporting and attestations are consolidated real-time in the medical record.
  • Leverage central service centers to rapidly deploy resources according to the needs of any of AccentCare’s 246 offices around the nation.
  • Rapid learning cascaded to the entire organization from the successes of AccentCare’s offices located in COVID hotspots such as New York City and Boston.


While many home health agencies lacked the ability to quickly respond to COVID-19, AccentCare leveraged its national platform and capabilities to transform its clinical operations to meet the needs of patients in the environment brought forth by the pandemic.

A result of COVID-19, AccentCare quickly invested in new products, services, and technologies that will position AccentCare to safeguard our patients, and provide high-quality care both now and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Some examples of these new products, services, and technologies include the following:

  • Established a COVID Response Team (CRT): During the peak of COVID, AccentCare’s  400+ caregiver CRT had the capacity to care for more than 3,000 COVID positive patients across the country, supported by a streamlined, centralized case review and acceptance process.  As we have moved to the next chapters of the pandemic, the key learnings gained from our CRT have been applied throughout our caregiver team.
  • Launched CarePath Suite of Products:
    • COVID CarePath: AccentCare was one the first, and in many regions, the only home healthcare company that accepts COVID positive patients, anchored by the clinical COVID Response Team
    • Surgical CarePath: A multi-dimensional, specialty-specific suite of home-based care designed to substantially improve surgical outcome, while maximizing your pre-hab, re-habilitation, and post-surgical recovery away from dense public sites, such as hospital campuses.
    • Intensive CarePath: A Hospital-to-Home care service, for the patient with chronic diseases that require repeat hospital observations and sometimes admissions.  Like Surgical CarePath,  Intensive CarePath is designed to skip high-risk environments such as SNF’s and rehab hospitals
  • Telemedicine and Telehealth: Expanded existing telemonitoring capacity for chronically ill patients, and newly launched the extremely successful Synzi virtual visit platform. Within the first month, over 1,500 virtual visits occurred across AccentCare
  • Expanded behavior health to support isolation depression and those patients who need support as they approach the resumption of their healthcare journey.

While no one could predict COVID-19 and we are uncertain how long it will remain, strong organizations like AccentCare have positioned themselves to lead our communities through the remainder of this pandemic, all while continuing to provide exceptional outcomes and excellent patient experience to those we serve. In crisis, or in calm, our organizations successfully distance ourselves from the pack, never losing sight of our call to purpose, our missions, and our patients