Our commitment to the communities we serve

Our commitment to caring for others continues beyond the plan of care. AccentCare’s Foundations and Community Outreach program includes serving and giving back to patients, employees and communities.


The AccentCare Hospice Foundation is a non-profit foundation that offers hospice patients financial assistance to meet needs not covered by traditional hospice benefits. Whether providing a warm set of pajamas or covering traveling costs for a loved one’s visit, the Hospice Foundation offers support, peace of mind and often dignity to those who need it most. The Foundation is supported by personal donations from AccentCare employees, and by families, friends and employers of those whose lives have been touched by the gift of hospice.

About the Hospice Foundation


Embracing Our Employees

While we take care of patients and their families every day, AccentCare also takes care of its own. Through the years, the AccentCare Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) has provided hundreds of grants to employees in need of financial assistance for a variety of unavoidable circumstances. In 2019 when Tropical Storm Imelda hit Texas and the Kincaid wild fires ignited in California, the EAF awarded 37 grants, totaling more than $25,000, to employees impacted by these two natural disasters.


Embracing the Community

In addition, AccentCare’s Community Outreach actively creates opportunities to make a difference within the communities we serve. From donating hygiene kits for the homeless and providing health screenings for veterans, to collecting food for community food banks and sewing cloth masks for seniors in the community, we work to embrace our communities.

Our Services

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