Increasing Capacity for a Wide Range of Patients including those with COVID-19

While all home health patients on our service have in-person visits from clinicians, AccentCare has partnered with Medtronic and Synzi to supplement care with virtual visits and telemonitoring technology to serve more of your patients with safe, quality care.

What it is:
AccentCare has a dedicated Telehealth Team to support remote care.

How it benefits patients

Protects patients by helping to:

  • Reduce exposure/spread of COVID-19
  • Reduce hospitalization
  • Reduce emergency department utilization
  • Offers a secure, HIPPA-compliant platform
  • Increases capacity for patient visits overall, by more effectively deploying home health resources

How it works

  1. Physician orders home health for patient
  2. Accepted patient receives welcome call
    • Introduces and explains home care
    • Validates information (including presence of smart device)
  3. Nurse makes initial home visit
    • Conducts routine assessment
    • Develops plan of care
  4. Nurse evaluates applicability of supporting technology
    •  Determines need for telemonitoring
      – Screens for most appropriate option
      – Orders appropriate device
    •  Determines if patient could benefit from virtual visits