AccentCare® Fairview Lifeline

Live on Your Own with Confidence.

AccentCare® Fairview Lifeline is an easy-to-use, personal medical alert device and service that aids older or disabled adults living at home in receiving 24/7 medical assistance quickly.

Need help? Simply press the pendant help button and within seconds, a certified monitor will respond, assess the situation and call for the medical help you need. You can even answer your telephone by pressing the pendant help button to activate the speaker phone and reduce your risk of falling.

  • Waterproof & light weight
  • No landline? No problem. Simply pay a minimal monthly fee for wireless service.
  • No long-term agreements
  • Install & remove at any time

Products & Services Available

AutoAlert | Falls Detector Device


AutoAlert technology offers added peace of mind to more effectively address fall situations using multiple sensors to distinguish between daily life activity, false alarms and real falls. With AutoAlert, a call for help automatically occurs if, 30 seconds after a fall, the pendant wearer does not activate the help button.

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GoSafe Mobile System


Feeling vulnerable when you’re away from home? Wear the GoSafe Mobile System equipped with six state-of-the-art locating technologies to aid medical response services to find your location.

This product also includes AutoAlert | falls detection technology.

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Dose Flip | Portable Smart Pill Box


Use the portable Dose Flip to dispense and monitor your medication, and help keep you on schedule to reduce your risk for over or under dosing. It functions on it’s own with no need for a landline or cell phone.

The Dose Flip can alert caregivers if medication is not being remembered or taken as directed by sending a notification via phone call, text message, or even email.

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PMD Medication Dispenser

Use the PMD to dispense and monitor your medication, and help keep you on schedule to reduce your risk for over or under dosing.

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