Dementia Care Planning

Taking care of loved ones with memory impairment can be stressful, but caregivers are not alone. AccentCare Southeastern Health Care at Home medical professionals develop individualized, clinically sound care plans for patients while surrounding caregivers with guidance and support. AccentCare Southeastern Health Care at Home’s practices maximize the quality of life for the patient while maintaining his/her dignity.

AccentCare Southeastern Health Care at Home’s skilled clinicians assess each dementia-care patient as a whole person by considering their social, environmental, and medical history. The team begins by assessing the level of memory impairment, using this information to customize a treatment plan to effectively manage medications, comorbidities, and social/environmental challenges.

Caregivers are walked through best practice options so patients can successfully age in place, a solution that is often the most comfortable and most cost-efficient option. Some examples of the support provided to caregivers include:

  • Education to caregivers on how to best communicate with residents or loved ones
  • Guidelines on how to prevent caregiver burnout
  • Assistance with access to community resources
  • Prevention and management of negative patient behaviors such as crying and hitting
  • Caregiver education on maximizing patient nutrition and hydration
  • Optimizing patient mobility and safety in the home with environmental modifications
  • Advanced care planning to respect patient and caregiver wishes for the future

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AccentCare Southeastern Health Care at Home is ready to collaborate with healthcare professionals to offer patients exceptional care, support, and guidance. The AccentCare Southeastern Health Care at Home interdisciplinary team collaborates with healthcare teams to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized care. AccentCare Southeastern Health Care at Home offers specialized Care programs and a Supportive Care program for our Home Health patients.

To refer a patient, write an order for care evaluation and treatment and fax along with most recent history and physical, insurance, and personal information

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