Supplementing Quality Home Care for At-Risk Patients

AccentCare® supplements clinician home visits with telemonitoring for remote clinical observation to discern change in condition and enable timely changes in care plans.

We have partnered with Medtronic, a leader in the creation and supply of medical devices, to enable the collection of near real-time biometric data to:

  • Help decrease risk of exposure
  • Support quality outcomes
  • Reassure patients who may feel insecure about their health

Patient Qualifications for Telemonitoring

  • Unstable or new condition
  • At-risk for re-hospitalization or emergency room visit
  • Concern for COVID-19 exposure
  • Absence of cognitive or relevant physical impairment for patient and/or caregiver
  • Safe home environment
  • AccentCare home health patient for a minimum 2-week plan of care
  • Physician and patient willingness


How Telemonitoring works

Following our initial home visit, the patient receives in-person guidance from a specially trained home health nurse.

  • Nurse identifies the device best suited to capture patient’s biometric data such as:

– Blood pressure        – Blood glucose        – Pulse          – Weight        – SPO2

  • Shipment is tracked for notification of arrival
  • Tele-nurse calls patient and/or caregiver to explain how to set up device
  • Dedicated Telehealth Team provides support
    • Physician-established patient-specific parameters programmed into device
    • Data received and reviewed daily
    • Remote problem-solving when feasible (e.g., change in medication, weight gain)
    • Dispatch of nurse or initiation of virtual visit when needed
  • Custom reports available upon physician request

How it benefits you and your patients

  • Increases frequency of valuations
  • Protects patients by helping to reduce…
    • Exposure/spread of COVID-19
    • Re-hospitalization rates
    • Emergency department utilization
    • Patient anxiety due to uncertainty about their health and fear of exposure