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Forward-thinking collaboration is critical to innovation. We partner with progressive healthcare systems, physician groups, community facilities and payers to create custom home-based care solutions to meet their unique challenges as well as the needs of patients they serve. Our experience spans the full spectrum of care including a wide variety of post-acute services. AccentCare’s innovative partnerships include customer-specific associations in provider-of-choice, joint venture and government demonstration relationships.

Recognizing that every partner, as well as every patient, is different, we strive to meet the unique and specific needs of all we serve. The result is more effective and more efficient care, along with improved clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies.


In more than 60 strategic healthcare partnerships, we are continuing to build on a foundation of excellence to improve the healthcare system for our partners and patients. We achieve this by:

  • Implementing effective care models for patients with acute and chronic needs including proprietary clinical pathways, care management and transition services across the full continuum of care
  • Developing and implementing payment models, including bundled payments, to reduce the cost of care
  • Utilizing innovative technology to collect performance and outcome data such as HEDIS and STAR measures at the point-of-care, addressing care gaps for patients and improving clinical outcomes

Our Product Suite



Designed for at-risk patients who need an extra level of care to help ensure their recovery, this program includes RecoveryCare Transitions™ and RecoveryCare Intensive™.

RecoveryCare Transitions is care management to assist with home assessments as well as the coordination and attainment of services that contribute to a safe and smooth 30- to 90-day transition period including:

  • In-home and phone visits
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Early recognition of symptoms requiring intervention
  • Pain assessment
  • Tele-monitoring
  • Care navigation including arrangements for follow-up appointments

RecoveryCare Intensive is rigorous, front-loaded, and intensive in-home rehabilitation, skilled nursing and support services for activities of daily living. All are delivered in a healthcare program created to make home a safe and comfortable place for the patient to recuperate from the following types of conditions:

  • Cardiac
  • Diabetes
  • Orthopedic
  • Behavioral Health
High-Risk Condition Management

High-Risk Condition Management

This service offers intensive on-going home care for complex or fragile patients to help manage their chronic conditions in the home.

  • Complex chronic illnesses
  • Diabetes
  • Social and behavioral health conditions


This specialized care is focused on relief from symptoms while supporting emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

  • Right Path®Palliative Care
  • Hospice care
AccentCare Advanced Community Care Model

AccentCare Advanced Community Care Model

The AccentCare Advanced Community Care Model achieves results with established protocols and workflow in five key areas:

  • Communication for faster admission and order processing
  • High-risk patient identification
  • Disease-specific programs
  • Behavioral health recognition and accommodation
  • Technology in the home

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Our Leadership Team

Our executive leadership team supports our strategic partnerships with a wealth of healthcare experience. All members of our executive leadership team are steeped in healthcare experience across a variety of functions including operations, consulting, medical practice, insurance, finance, legal and organizational development.


AccentCare, and our family of companies, is excited to build innovative partnerships with forward-thinking healthcare systems to manage and deliver a comprehensive continuum of post-acute care.  AccentCare’s partnerships are designed with the patient in mind, emphasizing improving outcomes as well as patient experience. We’ll help you address your challenges such as quality measures, capacity and flow while meeting the needs of your discharged patients, inclusive of those with complex chronic conditions. You can maintain clinical oversight of post-acute services while we provide the operational management of home health services with a focus on efficient communication, improved safety, clinical quality and patient satisfaction.

Currently, AccentCare has over 60 strategic partnerships with insurance companies, physician groups and major health systems, including joint ventures with Asante®, Baylor Scott & White Health, UC San Diego Health and UCLA Health.

To speak with a member of our team about strategic partnership opportunities with AccentCare, please use the site Chat feature or complete the online inquiry form.


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